Prof. Chen Bohui, President of the Asia Academy of Digital Economics

Prof. Chen Bohui, President of the Asia Academy of Digital Economics

A few days ago, “Understanding the Metaverse: Law, Policy & Practices” conference was successfully held at the National University of Singapore Shaw Foundation Alumni House. More than 200 business leaders, law practitioners, academics and policymakers from Singapore, China and Hong Kong gathered to discuss and share perspectives on data, information and intellectual property protection in the metaverse. The conference is the first of its kind in Singapore to focus on the relevance and application of existing law and policies on matters concerning privacy in the metaverse space.

Professor Chen Bohui, President of the Asia Academy of Digital Economics, delivered a speech full of humanistic feelings “You and I are all mortals, sentient beings in the Metaverse”. Taking Chuang Tzu Mengdie as an example, Chen Bohui pointed out that the current human exploration in the Metaverse is divided into two parts. There are two kinds, one is the physical exploration of the outward “physical departure”, and the other is the spiritual exploration of the inward “spiritual departure”. Chen Bohui said that the Metaverse is the inevitable product of the development of human science and technology to a certain stage, the technological revolution has entered a new stage, and the human development is facing a major transformation. What the metaverse presents to us is not merely technological progress, but infinitely closer to a new form of human civilisation. This kind of civilization is very complex, including not only the new Internet industrial civilisation that points to physical technology, but also the spiritual civilisation that points to the new cultural form of virtual spirit.

This conference was held by the Asia Academy of Digital Economics. Professor Chen Bohui said that the Asia Academy of Digital Economics will cooperate with all parties, combining academic, regulatory and technical topics, to hold the “Towards the Future, Metaverse”. The event hopes to explore the future development trend of the Metaverse from the perspective of technology, economy, and society.

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