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Ma Songlin

Doctor of Economics, vice professor, Master supervisor, Deputy Dean of Graduate School of Henan University of Technology. Honored as leader of academic technology in Henan Province’s Department of Education, a young backbone teacher in Henan Province’s colleges and universities.

Main research directions: International Trade, agricultural economy, etc.

The main representative research findings are as follows:
More than 20 academic papers in domestic authoritative journals have been published, such as “China Business Market”, “Research on Economy and Management”, “Science and Technology Management Research” and so on. The academic monographs have been published, such as “Research on the Circumvention of Foreign Capital Control in China’s Grain Industry”, and he was involved in the compilation of teaching materials, including “International Agricultural Trade”, “China’s Rice Industry Report” and “Research on the Development of Henan Grain Industry”. Research on the Development of Henan Grain Industry”. He has presided over 2 pieces of the National Social Science Fund Project, 4 pieces of the provincial and ministerial-level projects, and received 3 pieces of provincial and prefectural-level awards. He is the teacher of National Online quality open course “international trade practice”, and the project leader of provincial virtual simulation experiment project “virtual simulation experiment of agricultural exports”.

Ding Xiaowei

Director of Puhui Fintech Innovation Research Center for Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers, Nanjing University

Associate professor of Nanjing University, PhD in Financial Engineering, PhD in Statistics

Visiting scholar of Development Research Center of the State Council

Member of jiangsu Artificial Intelligence Association Intelligent Finance Special Committee preparatory Group

Fellow of the American Institute of Finance. National high-end think tank scholars

In-house expert in finance and fintech, hands-on Wall Street experience.

Ding Xiaowei has more than ten years of experience in applying blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data to financial technology and financial engineering, and has long been committed to the theoretical accumulation and practical exploration of this direction.

Gu Weiyu

PHD. in economics, postdoctoral fellow in business administration, associate professor and master’s degree supervisor.

He holds professional qualifications such as SIFM (Senior International Financial Manager), ICPA (International Certified Public Accountant), AAIA (Discretionary Member of the International Association of Accountants) and Senior Programmer.He is currently the director of Financial Innovation and Risk Management Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics, the head of Digital Economy Research Center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Research Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics, and the co-executive director of Asset Securitization Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics. He is also one of the first special researchers of Ma Zhengjing Innovation Think Tank of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a doctoral supervisor of BSN (Business School of the Netherlands). He was the postdoctoral supervisor of Dagong International Credit Rating Company’s postdoctoral workstation (in the field of banking, risk management and credit management).

Research areas: political economy of money and finance, financial innovation, risk management and financial supervision, commercial banking, financial technology and digital economy, reform and control of state-owned enterprises.Main academic achievements: He has published more than 40 academic papers in core journals such as Seeking Truth, China Industrial Economy, China Soft Science, Shandong Social Science, Red Flag Manuscript, etc. He has participated in and presided over more than 30 projects entrusted by National Social Science, National Self-Science, Postdoctoral Fund (special funding level), provincial and ministerial level and various governments and enterprises, and published 6 books.Major part-time positions: executive director of the China Enterprise Management Research Association, director of the Beijing Finance Society, deputy director of the Finance and Taxation Committee of the China International Engineering Consulting Association of the Ministry of Commerce, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Mobile Communications Federation, external supervisor and strategic advisor of banks, etc.

Before joining the Central University of Finance and Economics, he worked in large state-owned commercial banks, leading domestic investment banks, financial management consulting organizations, risk management consulting organizations and credit assessment organizations for 15 years and served as a senior executive for more than 7 years.

Ouyang Jianquan

The vice president, second-level professor, doctoral supervisor and visiting scholar of the University of Georgia, School of Computer Science and Cyberspace Security, Xiangtan University.

The main research directions are blockchain, image processing and information security. Participate in the national standard of artificial intelligence “Computer Vision Terminology”.

As the project leader or participant, he participated in more than 10 sub-projects of national key R&D program, such as national self-discipline, provincial and ministerial research and educational reform projects. Published 50 research papers in journals and conferences such as BMC Bioinformatics, and obtained 11 invention patents (including 1 license). In 2020, 2021 and 2022, he won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Artificial Intelligence Big Data Blockchain Education in National Universities. In 2019, he won the China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award. The third-level candidate of Hunan New Century 121 Talent Project won the second prize, the third prize of Hunan teaching achievement, the third prize of Hunan natural science, the Baosteel Education Award, and the training target of young backbone teachers in colleges and universities in Hunan province. In 2017, he won the National University Big Data Education Industry Practice Teaching Award. In 2018, he won the National Innovation Award for Artificial Intelligence Big Data Education and Teaching in Colleges and Universities.

Senior Member of china computer federation, Chairman of YOCSEF Changsha Sub-forum in 2015-2106, Standing Committee of Computer Application Committee, Executive Committee of Changsha Member Activity Center in china computer federation, Member of Intelligent Media Professional Committee of China Artificial Intelligence Society, Executive Director of Hunan Computer Society, Secretary General of Xiangtan Computer Society, Expert of Changsha and Xiangtan Smart Cities, Reviewers of SCI journals such as Multimedia Tools and Applications, reviewers of the National Scholarship Fund, and reviewers of special research funds for doctoral programs in colleges and universities.

In the field of artificial intelligence, a series of key technologies, such as the blockchain consensus mechanism based on images, image denoising based on manifold learning, and pre-training model based on multi-task learning, have been overcome, and application projects such as case retrieval and judicial reform effectiveness evaluation have been developed and popularized in relevant departments.

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