The Asia Academy of Digital Economics is the house of Digital Economics scientific excellence and cutting edge fundamental and interdisciplinary science, which is at the basis of any science and technological innovation.

The Asia Academy of Digital Economics (AADE) is a non-profit, non-governmental, and independent organization established under the sponsorship of the Asia Foundation of Digital Economics. It is a registered non-government organization with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Composed of distinguished scholars and engineers who are engaged in forefront research and the development of advanced technologies, AADE is united by a commitment to promoting science and technology and their essential roles in fostering social and economic development. The Asia Academy of Digital Economics is registered and operates under rules and regulations of the Republic of Singapore, and was recognized by Decree of September 25, 2017, issued by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Our Vision

To become the strongest and most influential leader in the Asia digital economics!

Our Mission

  • To promote technological and cultural exchange and integration between Asian countries and between Asia and the world.
  • To drive innovation and development in the Asian and global digital economy.
  • To lead humanity towards a digital world of harmony.