AADE Fellowship Distinction

Elevated Status for Scholars

The AADE Fellowship is a prestigious designation bestowed upon select members exemplifying remarkable achievements and contributions in digital economics.

Historical Legacy & Innovation

  • Legacy of Excellence: The Fellowship, a significant chapter in AADE’s history, honors individuals advancing knowledge and innovation in digital economics.
  • Future-Focused: Since inception, the program continuously evolves, identifying and nurturing talents contributing significantly to the digital economy’s academic and practical spheres.

Rigorous Selection Process

  • In-Depth Evaluation: Nominees undergo a meticulous assessment, not only quantifying but also qualifying their contributions and impacts in digital economics.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Committed to a diverse and inclusive tapestry of scholars, the Fellowship welcomes nominees from varied geographical, cultural, and academic backgrounds.

Fellowship Journey

  • Engage: Elevating to Fellow status marks a new chapter for deeper engagement in the ever-evolving field of digital economics.
  • Innovate & Lead: AADE Fellows are empowered to innovate boldly and lead decisively, crafting a future where digital economics is a guiding light towards global prosperity and inclusion.

Embark on Distinction

Join the AADE Fellowship, where excellence is celebrated and leveraged for the advancement of the global digital economic landscape. This distinction is not just a recognition but also a call to action, inviting you to contribute, lead, and shape the future with the Asia Academy of Digital Economics.