Let’s collaboratively devise creative solutions to address the social issues facing countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative”!

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The Asia Academy of Digital Economics Sciences has launched the “The Belt and Road Initiatives” Youth Creativity International Challenge. The aim is to stimulate the innovative potential of young people along the “The Belt and Road Initiatives” route and develop their ability to execute innovative ideas and turn them into practical actions.

Challenge Focus

Students are encouraged to devise innovative solutions addressing tangible social issues prevalent within the “Belt and Road” nations.

Competition Format (For more details, please refer to the participants instruction):

Once officially registered, participants will receive a hands-on guidance manual. This manual assists students in effectively identifying and defining problems related to real-world issues in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, and it prompts them to propose creative solutions. Utilizing the learning resources and expert contact mechanisms provided within the manual, participants will then craft their solution analysis reports.

Additionally, the competition encompasses two distinct tracks: “Global Digital Economy Cooperation Promotion Public Goods Planning” and “Localization Narrative Capacity in International Events”. Each track offers a unique lens through which participants can focus and refine their problem-solving and reporting efforts.


Winners will secure a recommendation for the prestigious Global Outstanding Youth Leadership program at the National University of Singapore. Excellent winners will be granted substantial scholarships for program.

Projects with commercialization potential are in the running to attract investments from renowned venture capital funds.


Hosted by

Asia Academy of Digital Economics

?The Asian-pacific economic cooperation center in China

?China International Finance 30 Forum