Academic Journals

The Digital Economy Review (DER) is a gateway to global viewpoints on the dynamic digital economy. At DER, we passionately explore the confluence of technology, science, and economic progress through the lens of global change makers, thought leaders and experts in multiple industries. Our column navigates legal and regulatory landscapes and provides insights and analysis to the future of digital economy to unlock the pathway to the future of tomorrow.

Digital Economy Salon

The digital economy salon aims to bridge the cognitive gap between various disciplines and industries, and promote a clear understanding of the opportunities and changes that digitalization can bring in more fields. A series of salon activities are held online every two weeks, exploring cutting-edge and in-depth topics, inviting reputable and influential partners, as well as guests with profound practical experience and important research results, to discuss, thereby promoting communication and cooperation between the industry, academia, and research community, bridging the cognitive gap between disciplines and industries, and improving overall understanding of digital opportunities. This forum will delve into how to build new cooperation models and frameworks between academia, institutions, and industry to better promote the deepening of digital reform and provide ideas and suggestions for the sustainable development of the digital economy, thereby allowing digital technology to enter the field where it can maximize its potential.

High-Level Internal Reports

The high-level internal reports mainly include analysis of cutting-edge policies and trends, tracking of key indicators on the dashboard, and in-depth investigation of important events in the industry and technological progress. In the report, we will track and analyze key indicators such as digital asset value, digital economic output value, and investment rate, and provide expert interpretation of the industry’s primary sources of information. We always pay attention to important events of technological progress, distinguish the level of cutting-edge changes in various disciplines, and even attempt to build a precise cognitive interactive system for cutting-edge science in all fields, helping all humanity enter a more advanced and collaborative society.