At the heart of AADE’s undertakings lies the artful orchestration and meticulous execution of global conferences, these being the very crucibles where the essential notions of the digital economy are exchanged and nurtured. These conferences, far from being mundane events, stand as influential bastions that catalyze dialogues, foster international cooperation, and cast a luminous spotlight upon the burgeoning innovations in the digital economy. Through these endeavors, AADE is resolutely committed to the promotion of industry amalgamation, the advancement of fundamental software technologies, and the exploration and profound understanding of the intricate domains of AI and the evolving landscape of Web3.0.

2023 Global Digital Economy Conference

On July 5, 2023, the main forum of the Global Digital Economy Conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center.

During the International Cooperation Dialogue on the Digital Economy, Chen Bohui, the President of the Asia Academy of Digital Economics in Singapore, along with other business leaders, provided professional insights and expertise in various areas such as basic software technology, international cooperation, industry integration, and AI large models, all centered around the forum’s theme.

Innovation, Technology, and Arts Development Summit Forum 2023

The “Innovation, Technology, and Arts Development Summit 2023,” organized by the Bauhinia Magazine, took place in Hong Kong on August 15th.

The main forum is “Web3.0 return, Building a new starting point for gold” as the theme, and the three sub-forums explain the new opportunities of Hong Kong’s Web3.0 development from the perspectives of art,technology and investment opportunities.

Li Jiachao, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, attended the opening ceremony of the forum by video and expressed his hope for Hong Kong to promote economic growth through technological innovation.

Guanchao Cyber Forum

The think tank conference jointly initiated by the China Institute for International Strategy, the National Innovation and Development Strategy Research Institute and Qianxin Group has been held for 8 consecutive sessions so far.

It aims to create a multi-interaction platform that is transnational, cross-border, cross-system, and cross-cultural, establish a dialogue mechanism around global issues such as global governance in the digital world, network security, and artificial intelligence, and work together to create the ballast of the “global village”.

The Asia Academy of Digital Economics is a supporting institution of this year’s Guanchao Cyber Forum, and its President, Chen Bohui, attended the conference as a guest.

CCF Blockchain Technology Application Summit Forum

The China Blockchain Technology Application Summit Forum, hosted by China Computer Society(CCF) and hosted by the Blockchain Professional Committee of China Computer Society, is the top annual event in China’s blockchain industry.

The Asian Academy of Digital Economy has participated in the blockchain conference hosted by the China Computer Federation (CCF) for many years.