Central to AADE’s initiatives are its globally renowned conferences, such as the Global Digital Economy Conference and the Innovation, Technology, and Arts Development Summit Forum. These conferences serve as crucial incubators for thought, dialogue, and collaboration within the digital economy, providing a stage for international cooperation and showcasing pioneering innovations and insights in areas like AI, software technology, and Web3.0 development.

In response to the dynamic interchange at these conferences, AADE has inaugurated two pivotal centers: the Industry Research Center (IRC) and the Technology Innovation Center (TIC). These institutions embody the actionable side of the discourse initiated at the conferences, with the IRC engaging in deep sectoral research and strategic advisement, while the TIC acts as a crucible for technological innovation and collaborative exploration among experts, thereby promoting the translation of tech achievements into industry applications and fueling further research. To bolster its impact, AADE has also launched groups focused on disseminating frontier information and engaging youth. These teams ensure the flow of premium information and provide a space for young talents to explore and develop their potential in the dynamic field of the digital economy. Through this integrated approach of conferences, centers, and groups, AADE actively advances growth and collaboration in the digital realm.