Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is an industrial park driven by various elements including industrial research, expert resources, and exhibition activities. We are dedicated to innovation and technology, aiming to provide a premium platform for enterprises and individuals by rallying leading experts and resources in the industry to promote the exchange and collaboration of innovative thinking.

Our Services:

  • Industrial Research: TIC boasts superior scientific research and scholarly resources, which underpin our in-depth industrial research. This enables us to identify and analyze current market trends and opportunities. Using scientific methods and tools, we offer customized research reports and consulting services to our members, assisting them in better understanding market dynamics and the business environment. This effort ultimately drives technological innovation and industrial upgrading.
  • Expert Resources: TIC has gathered a group of experienced experts and scholars in the industry. These professionals not only possess profound theoretical knowledge but also have rich practical experience. Our expert team can provide enterprises with strategic consulting, technical guidance, and project evaluation services.
  • Exhibition Activities: We regularly organize seminars and various exhibition activities, promoting the exchange and cooperation of technology and industry in the field of digital economy. Through these activities, enterprises can showcase their latest products and technologies, exchange cutting-edge dynamics with industry peers, and seek partners for development directions.

Commitment to Excellence:

  • Continuous Innovation: At the Technology Innovation Center, we encourage and advocate the spirit of innovation. We are committed to continuous research and development, pushing forward innovation and development in the Asian and global digital economy.
  • Quality Excellence: Our team consists of experts and top scholars from various fields who work closely together to ensure the delivery of the most comprehensive and professional results. TIC pursues excellent quality, consistently providing high-quality results that positively influence and guide the development of the digital field.
  • Social Responsibility: As a non-profit non-governmental organization, we are acutely aware of our social responsibility and are committed to promoting technological innovation efforts, ensuring that our work brings positive effects to society.

With the services and commitments mentioned above, Technology Innovation Center is willing to join hands with you to create a future together, driving industrial innovation and development.