This book provides Chinese experience for the development of the world’s Internet industry through a comprehensive introduction to China’s booming Internet industry. This book covers the development process from the entry of the Internet into China to today, and involves the major changes brought about by the Internet in all aspects of Chinese society, culture, […]

Web3 Marketing

Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution is the essential book for anyone looking to understand the next era of the internet and start building. Beyond the sensational hype and headlines around crypto and NFTs, a real revolution is taking place: new technologies for owning, moving, and organizing value spell the overdue end of […]

The Digital Matrix

This much-anticipated updated edition of this digital-first playbook equips a new generation of leaders to win in a business landscape dominated by disruption. Since the publication of the first edition over six years ago, the analysis and predictions presented in The Digital Matrix have played out in the global economy, as more industries have gone digital-first. Some […]

Digital Spatial Infrastructures and Worldviews in Pre-Modern Societies

The study of medieval and early modern geographic space, literary cartography, and spatial thinking at a time of rapid digitization in the Humanities offers new ways to investigate spatial knowledge and world perceptions in pre-modern societies. Digitization of cultural heritage collections, open source databases, and interactive resources utilizing a rich variety of source materials–place names, […]

Digital Relationships: Network Agency Theory and Big Tech

Why do so many organizations fail to mobilize the social networks of employees to respond to disruptions, innovate, and change? In Digital Relationships, Jason Davis argues that individual and organizational interests about networking can come out of alignment such that the network ties that individuals form are organizationally sub-optimal for achieving their most ambitious goals. Developing […]

Digital Leadership im Tourismus

Dieses Buch bietet einen Überblick über den State of the Art zum Thema Digitalisierung und Künstliche Intelligenz im Tourismus und in den damit verbundenen wesentlichen Gestaltungs- und Handlungsfeldern. Die Autoren diskutieren Entwicklungen in folgenden Kontexten: digitale Transformation, digitale Geschäftsmodelle, digitaler Wettbewerb, digitales Mindset und digitale Führungskompetenzen. Außerdem werden Fragen zur Rolle der Digitalisierung und Künstlichen […]

Big Tech in Finance

With Big Tech’s breakthrough into finance with blockchain, it is imperative that finance players understand the ramifications and how they can defend their competitive advantage. Big Tech in Finance provides a cutting edge look at Big Tech’s play for domination of the crypto economy, its ramifications and how finance is fighting back. The book analyses the motives […]