Global Public Companies’ 30-Person Think Tank Forum

Global Public Companies’ 30-Person Think Tank Forum

Enhancing Governance Competence for Global Public Companies

On September 17, 2023,the 15th China International Financial 30 Forum, along with the inaugural Global Listed Companies 30 Think Tank Forum, on Global Listed Company Governance and World-Class Enterprises for 2035 took place at Beijing Bank Building.With the theme, “Corporate Governance of Global Listed Companies and World-Class Enterprises by 2035,” the event featured insightful discussions on policy directions, economic trends, and market analysis. Key insights and ideas were exchanged among industry leaders and experts.

The conference emphasized the importance of enhancing China’s corporate capabilities for global operations, focusing on institutional investor development, capital market dynamics, price discovery, resource allocation, and modern corporate governance.”The forum aimed to enhance the global competitiveness of top-listed companies, and in pursuit of this goal, it also addressed the impact of technological shifts on finance, offering valuable perspectives on the future landscape.”

Chen Bo Hui, the Director of the Asian Digital Economy Research Institute, participated in a closed-door meeting where the round table discussion focused on the topic of ”The United States’ Small Yard, High Fence’ Strategy and Globalization Strategies for Chinese Listed Companies.”


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