2023 Global Digital Economy Summit Main Forum

2023 Global Digital Economy Summit Main Forum

Bringing Together Leaders, Corporations, and Scholars to Shape the Future of the Digital Economy

Beijing, July 5, 2023 — The 2023 Global Digital Economy Summit at Beijing’s National Convention Center saw global leaders, companies, and scholars unite to shape the digital future. Highlights included thought-provoking keynotes, international perspectives, and the release of the “Global Digital Economy White Paper. ”During the conference, Chen Bohui, the President of the Asian Academy of Digital Economy in Singapore, and others were invited to participate in an international dialogue on the future landscape of AI mega-models in the context of digital economic cooperation, which promises a lasting impact on the digital economy’s trajectory.

This summit aimed to lead and inspire global cooperation in the digital age, and its profound influence is expected to transcend the event’s official conclusion at 11:40, shaping the future of the digital economy.

Links to United Nations official statements:https://www.un.org/en/desa/keynote-speech-2023-global-digital-economy-conference

Links to speeches by Singaporean government officials:https://www.mci.gov.sg/media-centre/speeches/speech-by-minister-at-the-2023-global-digital-economy-conference/

Official website information: https://www.gdec.net.cn/

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